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What is a Piropo?


Pi-ro-po \pi-'ro-po\n. plo-pos [Sp. Piropear]

  1. An amorous compliment.

  2. A flirtatious remark.

There are some words that simply cannot be exactly defined, except within the Spanish language, “piropo” is one of those. A “piropo” is “a flirtatious or poetic compliment to a woman”.  In Argentina these expressions of admiration, when well constructed are not only traditional but even an art form. The more clever the piropo the more it is appreciated by its intended recipient.


Known throughout Latin America, piropos are especially prevalent and practiced in Argentina’s capital city of Buenos Aires. Considered one of the most elegant cities in the world, its women are acknowledged as some of the most charming and beautiful in Latin America. A piropo is an expression of gratitude for that beauty.


Piropo combines the Greek words for fire (pur) with eyes (oops) and while poorly constructed piropos can be obvious and callow (“don’t get too close to me, I don’t have fire insurance”) creative piropos are subtle with refined machismo that arrive quietly like an anonymous gift.


Some examples of a Piropo:


“If beauty were a sin, you’ll never be forgiven.”

“I’m now sure there is a heaven because I’ve seen an angel.”

“You move like the Bolshoi Ballet”

“Oh! If you could cook like you walk, I want to eat scraps!”

“I must be asleep to dream of such beauty.”

“Where you go, flowers must spring up.”

Job Listings


Piropos is hiring for various positions in the restaurant, including banquets and offsite catering events.

About Piropos


The taste of Argentina is very American Midwestern but different enough to hold the enjoyment and interest of Kansas City diners. The foods are grilled meats, seafood, fresh salads and vegetables. It is a very diverse culture and the food reflects that with a touch of Spanish, Italian (there are about as many Italian names listed in the BA phone directory as there are Spanish), French and other ethnic foods. The food is simple and not particularly spicy, yet it is very flavorful.


Authentic recipes and imported ingredients, including spices, salts, and desert items will be used at Piropos. Many of the recipes will come from Cristina Worden, Piropos’ owner.  Some of Argentina’s best wines will be served.

Chopped Salad
Upscale Restaurant Piropos


Extraordinary views! No other restaurant in KC has a view like Piropos. Every person that walks in goes “wow” and means it. "On the hill” location sets it above the village of Briarcliff and offers the best view of the Kansas City downtown skyline.

Strongly European in background and culture, Argentineans enjoy dining in a generally relaxed atmosphere where conversation and gracious dining go hand-in-hand. In fact, one of the most popular new restaurants in Argentina’s capital city, Buenos Aires, is named “Kansas”.

Skyline views Piropos

Piropos is filled with eclectic and period furnishings, including many antiques from Argentina. The interior of Piropos also features a 35-foot long, 9 foot high mural of a scene from downtown Buenos Aires painted by local artists Kathy Klein. A truly unique setting for cocktails and dining.

A large outdoor patio offers food and drink service during warmer weather. A separate “fire pit” area adds to the outdoor ambiance for casual cocktails and dining along with dinner cordials and conversation.

Before you leave, be sure to get a picture with two of the most photographed ladies in Kansas City, Irma and Tillie. (Pictured right.)

Irma and Tillie at Piropos

Guided Tour of Piropos: An Authentic Argentinian Restaurant

Piropos Restaurant co-owner Christina Worden provides a video tour of the restaurant located in Briarcliff.  The tour begins in the main dining room with beautiful views of the Kansas City skyline.  Christina points out the original artwork from Argentina that surrounds guests and makes them feel like they are in Argentina.  Viewers can see the the Chapel which seats up to 125 and then converts to a meeting space.  The newly renovated Buenos Aires Room is the restaurant's events space and can seat up to 200 guests for weddings, anniversaries and business events.  Click on the video to see for yourself the beauty that awaits guests inside Piropos.   


Reviews on


Food 4.8      Decor   4.7     Service   4.7

The "delectable menu" showcases "some of the finest beef" in town at this Northland Argentinean steakhouse bolstered by a staff that "goes the extra mile": though it's "pricey", the "stunning" space with "gorgeous views" of the city is "hard to beat for a special dinner."    2017 Zagat

Piropos ZAGAT
Piropos steaksack of Lamb
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